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Unit 1
 Tel: +98 21 55288005-8

   Fax: +98 21 52588008
   Mobile: +98 912 1229510
   Address: no.136, beginning of Husseinabad st., opposite Khavar Co., Kamarbandi crossroad, Km. 7 Saveh rd.

  Unit 2
  Tel: +98 21 55838160, 55838142
   Fax: +98 21 55870569
  Address: Barq Industrial Complex, next to Aliabad Industrial Complex, Kamarbandi crossroad, Km. 6 Saveh rd.



   Roll Flattener Mill (coil-to-sheet)

This machine uses PLC and Ncoder to flatten and cut 3-16mm coiled sheet with variable dimensions.



   Cutting Mill

Sheet metal is delivered to this section and after its extended drawings and lengths are prepared, experienced experts cut and package it and then it is conveyed by ceiling lift to Bending Mill.



   Bending Mill

When the cut sheet comes to bending dept., it is bent based on drawings to the exact required angles. State-of-the-art NC and Manual machinery in this department can bend sheets with 1-15mm thickness and 7m length; or 15-35mm thickness with various lengths. 



   Rolling Mill

This machine is a rare advanced 4-roller equipment that serves the country’s industries. This industrial complex has installed and commissioned this advanced machinery to meet the country's industrial requirements for rolled parts.



   Rolling Mill for I-beam iron, pipe and flange

This is a rare powerful machine used for rolling I-beam iron, pipe, flange, box, chute and orthogonal profiles in the country’s private sector.



  Strip metal machining using special equipments

Cutting operations on sheets with small width, twists and distorts the sheet. In other workshops, the sheet is carried to another place and in a second attempt, a separate mold is used to operate on the strip.



  Punch Press Mill

 After sheet metal used for trailer, container or automobile-carrier chassis is cut, this industrial complex uses an exclusive mold to punch these chassis with G, Z and I-beam profiles.



  CNC Cutting Mill

This department feeds the received drawings into CNC machine and cuts sheet with 3-300mm thickness generating minimum waste.


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